Hesitation in a Meditation

A meditative wordsketch by Nataki Bhatti.

I had a vision of you, a lucid meditation. We were a push and pull cohesive force. The force was unsuspectingly powerful, like how the heart pumps the flow of blood throughout the complete body with each beat. I travelled a rope, push and pull, push and pull flow,  your rope extending from your soul’s heart which you sent to me.  I received it, and I connected it to me, breathing deeply, feeding oxygen to the vision.  

We were push pull force. Like the flow of blood. I travelled the rope, your rope, what connects us. It was push and pull flow like an umbilical cord. And I stayed there, enjoying our rhythm. I was traveling towards you, but deep in my meditation, preparing. Then when ready, I was with you. 

 A different part of me was with you. I was little and very fast. I circled you. Every part of you I circled in light speed. I don’t know why. Then, I entered you and I looked at your heart. But this isn’t “seeing” so it was so hard because it was unfamiliar.  I want to see and understand so badly!  My movement created concentric waves radiating outward. My first thought was that must be the signature of your heart. And I soaked it up. Then, I went to your groin and I began to weave something around you, a loose translucent gold mesh.  It was my love. It was beautiful! You began to shine and the gold mesh magnified your illumination.  And you wore my gold mesh, like a suit. A golden mesh suit. Nataki love gold mesh suit. Then, my mind intervened and I became self conscious and fearful.  Maybe, it was wrong? So I retracted, in light speed, because I didn’t  know what I was doing or what it meant. 

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