Darkness Summons the Good in Me


My serenity is not obvious. Deep burrows of slighted spirit are illuminated by introspection and the miracle of an authentic insight that brings to the surface an accepting awareness of my darkness, as well as, my light. I am freed of the people-pleasing altruistic need to be nice in the face of my oppression. I don’t apologize for my disposition, my neurosis, my chaos, my tics, my imbalance.  If I feel a need to say Fuck you, I am going to say Fuck you in that calm demeanor of mine that soothes. This is my way for now and it works.

I am aware, not intelligent, simply aware.  What I am asking is not a question. I don’t have to know the answer.  I am face down, belly on the earth, hands released, breathing.  You know my soul, you know what I surrender…

It is a high spiritual gift to be able to go into the internal darkness.  I am a woman, you can see the little man in me.  I am a mother who nurtures the evil baby of me. I am star dust from the blackest matter evolving in space.  And I love. I love the all of it.  Intuitively, I feel it is my greatest internal darkness that will sound the highest frequency of me.

*a conceptual thought form*

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